Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I've Learned in Youth Ministry Pt. 2

Another important thing I've learned about building a team is we must build the RIGHT team. Building the RIGHT team involves recruiting the RIGHT people and placing them in the RIGHT place. When adding a new team member I always try to find out their passions and strengths so I can get them in the RIGHT place.

So what does the RIGHT person look like. For me the RIGHT person is someone who is humble, teachable, responsible, committed and loyal. Notice the word talented is no where to be found in my description. All the qualities I listed deal with character and I would much rather have a leader with no talent and character then one with lots of talent and no character.

Ok so how do we get them in the RIGHT place? I've created teams with job descriptions to help me get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place. These teams also have different levels of commitment so we can have team members that are involved every week and others that are involved on a bi-weekly basis. Either way, our teams help us get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place. And I also try to make my descriptions super detailed so every leader knows what the expectations are. Having clear and good standards will also get the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place. Without them there will be frustration, confusion, burn out and a mess. I think it's unwise to have every leader do everything, create teams and maximize your resources.

If you build a team but don't get people in the RIGHT place you will have chaos and a struggling youth ministry. Tomorrow I will share what teams we have and what they do.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two For One Tuesday

1. Today has been such a crazy day, it started out with taking Jamie and Jace to the airport at 6 am and if you didn't remember I'm not a morning person. So a brotha was strugglin.

2. It's also the first day I have ever been away from Jamie and Jace where they went on a trip and left me. All I have to say is it stinks. I miss my wife and son terribly. I actually started missing them last night knowing they would be gone for 3 days. Pray for a brotha.

3. I had a great meeting tonight with my connection team except the meeting lasted 2 hours where I was hoping for an hour and a half at the most. Does this happen to anybody else? Sorry guys and thanks for putting up with me. But it was a good meeting with Earls Rib Palace, you can never go wrong with BBQ.

4. Speaking of BBQ, I think I gained back the two pounds I lost already. Last night we did our family night at Starbucks because Jamie is out of town Thursday and they offered us free cookies. Well, I didn't want to be wasteful so I had to eat it. Looks like I'm gonna have to hit the gym hard this week.

5. As I'm watching Idol I still can't stand Brooke but Jason Castro needs to go. He was horrible.

6. 80"s Hip Hop Cram night is tomorrow night and I'm nervous, excited, scared and encouraged all at the same time. It's gonna be an amazing night, the weather looks great and we are expecting many salvations. Thank you Lord in advance of what You are going to do. None of this is possible without Him and I'm humbled by His favor and blessing.

What I've Learned in Youth Ministry

Through my experience, which isn't much, but I'm gonna share it anyway. One major thing I learned is to build a team. So for the next couple days I'm gonna share my thoughts about building a team.

I think it's easy for youth pastors to get into the "if I want it done right, I must do it myself" rut. At least I know I have. The problem is that mentality only leads to frustration, burn out and ineffective youth ministries. Ephesians 4:12 tells us to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up; not to do everything on our own. I think recruiting and training leaders should be a top priority of every youth pastor. The more leaders you have the more students you will be able to reach. A youth pastor and his wife at most can impact 12 students, any more then that we should be training leaders to impact the lives of students. And that's just a relational impact, let's not forgot we are trying to create a relevant service with music, video, lights and more.

At People's Church I'm blessed with a team that allows me to focus on meeting students and preaching my messages on Wed. night. There is stuff that comes up from time to time but for the most part all I have to do is hang with students and preach. It's a wonderful feeling because I've done the tweak the sound, run power point, do registration, greet, sell stuff at the cafe, lead worship and preach nights. Those are not enjoyable nights and thank God I'm done with those.

If you are doing everything or too much on your service nights(I would say too much is anything more then connecting with students and preaching), use your Sunday mornings to become a recruiting machine. Get a coffee budget and make Starbucks your addiction and meet with people until you build your team. Another tip is recruit new blood, don't steal your kids ministry leaders. I promise the recruiting will be hard work and take time, but it will be worth it for you and your students.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

1.  Operation meltdown has slowly started and I have lost two pounds, whoohoo!!!  Hopefully I can keep this up each week.  Although, my muscles are killing me from lifting weights.  My biceps hurt so bad I can't fully extend my arm, but Jamie keeps reminding it's a good hurt so I'm moving forward.  Thanks for the encouragement babe.

2.  Playoffs are kind of disappointing.  Suns stink and all the west matches are blowouts.  However, I would love to see the 76ers beat the Pistons, that would be awesome. 

3.  The draft was enjoyable for the simple fact that it's football.  Although I'm not to happy about the Colts drafting Mike Hart, I can't stand that guy.  Oh well, maybe he can help us.

4.  Jace is getting very close to crawling.  This morning he was getting his knees under himself and he could be crawling by the time I get home today!  He is also getting a little attitude.  He wasn't too happy when dad started feeding him carrots and let me know about it with a piercing scream.  It was kind of funny.

5.  Jamie made some amazing BBQ chicken on Saturday and we finally got our grilled fixed!  I love grilled chicken and steaks.

6.  This week I'm gonna start blogging about some stuff I've learned in youth ministry.  Check it out and comment on it if you want.  I don't have it all figured out but these are things that have been valuable to me in youth ministry.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

1.  Idol was disappointing this week.  I was hoping Nanny Brooke or Jason were going home but Carly did instead.  Oh well I guess it doesn't matter since it will be a David's finale.

2.  The girls are taking over Survivor but I think James is gonna pull something out of his hat.  And I officially can't stand Natalie, I hope she gets blind sided.

3.  Operation meltdown unfortunately was put on lock down yesterday.  It was just one of those days that stayed busy and before I knew I was going to bed without having worked out.  Oh well, I will get back at it today and finally weigh myself.

4.  Our Epic t-shirts are finally done and they are slammin.  Throughout my youth ministry experience I have made some pathetic t-shirts but with Vernon's sweet graphic these shirts are off the hook.  We will be giving a bunch away this Wednesday.

5.  So far the forecast is looking good for next Wednesday, keep praying.  It's gonna be an amazing night.  Although I still need to get my 80's outfit, I'm hoping to find some hammer pants.  Yeah!

6.  Jace showed me some love this morning with a little bit of spit up.  It's amazing how this kid can throw up on me and I still love him to death.

7.  Jamie made some wheat pasta last night which was healthy and amazing.  My wife can throw-down on some food and I love it.  Early this week she made stuffed fried chicken with blue cheese dressing and bacon with garlic mashed potatoes.  Then for dessert she made some crepes with chocolate dressing and strawberries, it was unbelievable.  I think someday she will be on the food network.  Thanks babe for the amazing food.

8.  The draft is tomorrow and I will be watching it because I love football, especially the Colts.

9.  This Sunday at People's church we are starting a new series called "Deep".  It's going to be amazing so make sure you are there.  Pastor Herbert is an amazing preacher who is practical and hilarious.  I really enjoy his sermons.  You can check them out too on our podcast or at 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, My Sabbath

1. We got very close to praying away the rain but it still hit at about 6 pm last night, oh well. We still had a great service, about 12 first time guests and at least 6 salvations, thank you Jesus! We did have some technical difficulties but that's youth ministry for you. My team was great and helped everything run smoothly even with the technical stuff. Big thanks to Daniel and Derek for helping me move our beastly bball goals. Thanks to Debreon, our service coordinator, you have definitely lightened my preservice stress.

2. Next week is the 80's hip hop cram night, I'm expecting an amazing night with lots of fun, food, relationships and salvations. Please pray with me these next 7 days for NO RAIN on the 30th.

3. I was hanging out with Jace this morning and for some reason he wanted to judo chop my face over and over again. He is growing so stinkin fast it's ridiculous. He is almost rolling over from his back to his belly. I'm sure it will happen soon.

4. Today I'm chillin with the fam, changing some light bulbs, hooking up the grill, working out and maybe hittin up Bww's for some wings for lunch.

5. Tonight it's a full night of Survivor (i think the girls are trying to take over and James is going home), Lost (finally a new episode) and our family trip to Starbucks. Java Chip Frappachino here I come.

6. Today I also get weighed, it's been a week since operation meltdown has started and I've eaten better but because of my back I haven't worked out as much as I would like. I will be sure to give an update tomorrow.

7. By the way my back is doing much better. The last two days I put up two huge bball goals and moved them across our parking lot. I thought my back would be doomed but I only have minor muscle soreness. Thanks for your prayers and thank you Lord for your healing power.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

1.  Wow I just spent two hours finalizing two videos I made for my youth service tonight.  I'm pleased with the outcome but video editing is definitely not my forte.  If you are in the OKC area and love to make and edit videos email me at asap!  You would be a tremendous blessing to Epic Student Ministries.

2.  The sky is dark and cloudy, but I'm still believing for no thunderstorms today.  Rain, rain, go away and come back another day.

3.  The Suns let me down again and I think they are doomed.  Right now I think it's gonna be a Spurs vs Celtics championship.

4.  We are one week away from our 80's Hip Hop Cram night and I'm pumped.  I'm asking God for over 200 students to show up.  I know that seems huge but I know our students can do it. Do whatever it takes Epic, it's gonna be a great night.

5.  Today I'm having lunch with Jamie and Jace and I can't wait to see them.

6.  This morning Jace started clapping for the first time.  My son is a genius, soon he will be breakdancing and dunking a basketball.  By the way he should also be a baby model because he is a stud!!!

7.  Tonight is gonna be a great night because God is with us and I have amazing leaders.  I have a great team that is committed to impacting student's lives and I'm honored to serve with them.  Thanks team for all you do and I look forward to bankrupting hell and populating heaven because of your commitment to students.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crazy Tuesday

1.  I finished my sermon this morning I'm feeling real good about tomorrow night's service.  We are finishing are BFF series and we are talking about "Whose got your back?"  I like this topic because I've had many people tell me they got my back but only a few truly did.  All of us need people to watch our back.  It's gonna be a great night and Lord please push away the rain. Amen!

2.  Remember those hoops I talked about called the beast?  Well Shane and I put them together today and they are definitely beasts.  I think it took us 5 hours to get up those hoops. Without Shane it would have taken 10 hours, thanks a ton man I owe you bit time!

3.  Today I had staff meeting and I really love the team I'm apart of.  I know I'm still the new guy but I'm excited for my future with this team.  I feel like I'm apart of the dream team and I love it!

4.  Well, I'm glad to be home with Jace and Jamie.  We are getting ready to watch Idol and the Suns vs Spurs game.

5. My back is feeling much better today.  Thank you Lord!!!  

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update

1.  Yesterday we had an amazing service at People's Church where Pastor Herbert spoke on "How to Respond When A Good Kid Goes Bad".  It was a challenging and practical message that I encourage all parents to listen to.  Matter of fact, if you are a parent or plan on being one someday you should listen to the whole series, I promise it will bless you.

2.  Our new "Beast" basketball goals came in Friday and they are beastly.  We got the glass backboards, breakaway rims, 5 inch poles and bases that holds 50 gallons of water.  They are so beastly re-injured my back getting them off the truck so please pray for me. 

3.  NBA playoffs started and the only series I will be watching is the Suns vs Spurs.  Game 1 was amazing and I can't believe the Spurs pulled out the win.  I guess that is why they are the champs, they just don't make mistakes.

4.  Operation meltdown slowed down a little this weekend because of my back, but I ate pretty healthy and didn't eat late so I'm still feeling good.  The meltdown will kick back into effect today.

5.  Our friday night staff cookout was lot's of fun with lots of good food.  I look forward to the next one.

6.  Jace and Jamie are amazing and it was good to have a lot of quality time with them this weekend.

7.  This Wednesday we are going into part 4 of our BFF series, students continue to bring your friends so you can win the IPOD touch and let's expect God to do some great things. I'm also praying the thunderstorms will go away.  Lord please give us good weather this Wednesday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

1.  Yesterday I lifted weights for the first time in a long time and my chest and triceps are killing me.  But it's a good pain because operation meltdown is in effect.

2.  I didn't mention this yesterday but I was so happy that Kristi Cook is off Idol.  It's about time and I think David Archuleta is going to win it all.

3.  An earthquake hit the midwest how crazy is that.  My mom said she was woke up by the house shaking.  It may sound crazy but I wish I could have been there to experience it.

4.  Tonight we are having a staff cookout at my pastor's house and I can't wait.  I'm apart of an amazing staff, I love working with them.  They have embraced me and Jamie and have made us feel apart of the family.

5.  The weather forecast for OKC  the next couple days is 70's and 80's, I love this weather!

6.  The Colts schedule is tough this year but I know we will still make the playoffs and win the super bowl.  Unfortunately the one Sunday I will be in Indy is an away game, oh well, maybe next year.

7.  For those in OKC, this weekend Pastor Herbert is finishing up his series the Perfect Kid, make sure your there it's gonna be an amazing service.  If you don't live in OKC check out this series on our website (  It's been an amazing series and I know it will challenge and bless you.  Jamie and I have loved it.

Well everyone have a great weekend and this blog will resume on Monday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awesome Thursday

1. Thursdays are always awesome when they follow a great Wednesday night service, which we had last night. We had 84 students, 17 first time guests, and 6 salvations, thank you Lord! And way to go Epic students and leaders. God is doing some amazing stuff and I'm excited about our future.

2. They are also awesome because it's my day off and I get to sleep in. I can't explain it but it excites me when I get a day to sleep in.

3. Today, I also hung out with Jamie and Jace. I have an amazing wife who is a tremendous blessing. She supports me, is a great ministry partner, is absolutely beautiful and she can cook :). She's the complete package. Jace is also amazing. He is saying dada, sorry Jamie, and he always puts a smile on my face. I love this kid sooo much.

4. I've also decided to join my man Vernon with operation melt down. I've turned into a fat bag of snacks and I gotta lose at least 20 pounds. So bye bye fried food, late eating and pop.

5. Thursday nights are awesome too because every Thursday we watch Survivor (haha ozzy you got played sucka) and we take a family trip to Starbucks. I love this time with Jamie and Jace. And if you haven't tried a strawberry lemonade blend at Starbucks you need to get on it. That drink is amazing and because it's fruity it makes me feel like it's healthy for me :).

I love my Thursdays and now I gotta go to bed and get ready to hit the gym early tomorrow morning.

Peace out homies!

My First Blog

Here is my first blog. I have enjoyed reading and have been challenged by some blogs so I figured I would give it a shot.

I'm not too sure how to post so until I get a flow I'm totally jocking (that's an old word) off my pastor. I really enjoy his blogs and I encourage you to check it out at If you know me that was not an attempt to kiss my pastor's butt, I really do enjoy his blogs.

Well the blogging has begun so I hope you enjoy.