Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This week we ministered to 587 students & tonight we had 15 salvations! Thank you Jesus!

I want to give a huge shoutout to the Epic Leadership Team! You guys are amazing & thank you for all you do!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Record Setting Week at Epic

Huge thanks to everyone who prays for Epic! This week at Epic we ministered to 485 students and had over 20 commitments to Christ! To God be all the glory! This week has been amazing and I'm humbled by what God is doing. I'm also humbled by the commitment and hard work of all of our volunteers on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

With the growth we are also aggressively recruiting for more growth. I'm a firm believer we should be ready for the harvest not catching up. With that each week we are adding new leaders to help us reach more students! Our youth leaders are the backbone of our ministry!

God is doing a special work here and I'm honored to be apart of it.

Please continue to pray for the harvest and leaders!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Burgers & Halo Jump at Epic Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night at Battle of Community Groups we are gonna be grilling 400 burgers & have a Halo Jump inflatable. We'll also have free pop, chips & cookies so bring your appetite & friends.

Don't forget u get double points for buying an Epic t-shirt ($10) & by bringing a friend.

See you tomorrow night at Epic!

We are also having BBQ for adults & pizza for children so bring your whole family to People's Church!

Monday, September 13, 2010

All Students read these details about Battle Of Community Groups

We are continuing battle of community groups this Wed at Epic for high school & jr. high students. Groups get points by:

1. Having team spirit. Every group has a color, come decked out in your color & get big points!

2. Winning competitions. Every Wed night we have a crazy game. The group that wins get big points.

3. Buy an Epic T-Shirt. Students get huge points for their team by buying an Epic t-shirt. Buy a t-shirt this Wed & get double points!

4. Bring friends! A group gets double points for every guest they bring. Invite all your friends from school!

So why do these things to get points?

I'm glad you asked. Every student from the winning community group will win a prize at our Cram Night on Sept. 29th. Prizes that will be won are flat screen tv's, mall gift cards, toms gift card, food gift cards & more! Again every student on the winning group will win something!

We only have 3 weeks left so do whatever you have to do to get the most points!!!

If you have questions let me know!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. Friday night we had a great community group. We ate some amazing food, met some new people & had great conversations.

2. After community group I could not fall asleep for nothing. I had a weird sensation in my chest which kept me up til about 3 am. Probably from eating too much food :)

3. Saturday I watched a very satisfying Ohio State win & heartbreaking Notre Dame loss. In both cases I liked what I saw from both teams except OSU's special teams coverage.

4. Friday we took Jace to his first ever movie at a movie theater. We took him to see Toy Story 3. Thought it was a bit much for Jace but I personally loved it. Thought it was the best of all 3. However the $9 for popcorn & a drink is highway robbery!

5. Every night this weekend Jamie, Jace & I went for a walk in our neighborhood. These are one of my favorite moments with my family.

6. Epic Jr High had a great turnout for Big Day considering the rain. We had 133 students & 8 salvations! Thank you Jesus!

7. Bummed that the Colts lost today but it was weird, I wasn't surprised. I'm still confident we will make the playoffs.

8. So far I think I'm gonna win 4 put of my 5 fantasy games, pretty happy with that start.

9. My sinuses only bother me once or twice a year & this weekend is one of those times. I have itchy throat, stuffed nostril & a headache. Yuck!

10. This Wednesday is a big night for Epic! I'm pretty excited & praying for NO RAIN in JESUS NAME! That rhymed, I swear I got se rappin skillz :) Students don't miss out, parents make it a priority to bring your student! We are expecting more life change!