Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Season Finales

All of my shows are coming to an end and so far I've been half and half on the finales. Here are some of my thoughts:

The Amazing Race - I definitely wanted the mom and deaf son to win. I think his story is great even though I didn't like all of his game play. Unfortunately Victor and Tammy won which was the last team I wanted to win. They were annoying and I didn't like how they got the language advantage in China and used it in a nasty way.

The Celebrity Apprentice - I was pulling for Joan Rivers in the finale and I'm so glad she won. Annie annoyed me tremendously and I thought she was bossy and very conceited. I've never heard someone compliment themselves more then Annie did. I'm so glad she lost and it made it even better that for a split second she thought she won. Way to go Donald!

The Biggest Loser - I was pulling for Mike and I'm shocked Hellen won. However I thought she looked sickly with all the weight she lost. It may help her to gain back 10 pounds but I guess she wouldn't have won $250,000 by doing that. Huge props to the old guy winning the sent home contest.

American Idol - I know the season finale is next week but I hope Danny Gokey and Kris Allen make the finale. I think Adam Lambert is all show and his voice pierces my ears. I have no idea why the judges are pushing him to win. This is a singing contest not an acting contest. I think he is perfect for Idol but I would never buy his album. I will buy Danny and Kris's album. Their second songs tonight were amazing!

24 - Lastly it hurts my heart to know next week is the Season Finale of 24, I love this show and will miss it once it's over. The season has been great and I'll guess I'll just have to start over with season one when this season is done. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Highlights from a busy week

Monday - Had the day off and enjoyed every minute of it. We worked a lot on Friday and Saturday to get the building ready for service this past Sunday so Pastor Herbert gave us Monday off. I really appreciated it (thanks Pastor Herbert!) and had a great father and son day with Jace. I also had a great meeting with one of my key youth leaders, I love the team I work with!

Tuesday - I got a great workout moving half of the chairs in our new auditorium with some of our staff so the back half of the auditorium can get stained. I also met with a newly added youth leader and finished my message for Wed. night. Recently we have added about 10 new youth leaders who are helping our youth ministry grow and impact student's lives.

Wednesday - It was crazy, we had to set up a bunch of stuff to get ready for our youth experience and we bought a new drum set. I also visited Santa Fe's lunch, helped moved some kids ministry stuff and rushed to get everything ready for our experience. It was pretty stressful but it all worked out, we had 124 students, the room was packed and 6 students made commitments to Christ. God is sooo good, we continue to grow and see life change.

Thursday - I had an amazing day off with Jamie, we got our car back and a little reimbursement check, thank you Jesus. We had lunch at Bravo, their bread is amazing the food was ok and went to see the Wolverine movie. I thought it was good, in honor of my friend Justin Chandler I give it a B. We also watch Survivor and for the record I can't stand coach.

Friday - which is today, I finished a message, had to laugh at a Pharisee, did more set up for this Sunday at People's Church, watched Mandi our kids director almost break her toe and ate some amazing Banana pudding. If you have never had some of Pastor Shelby's wife's banana pudding you are missing out on a little piece of heaven. By the way, our new auditorium is awesome and our Mother's Day experience is gonna be off the hook. Pastor Herbert's wife Tiffany is speaking, if you live in OKC check us out at 9 am, 10:30 am or 12 pm.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are a few highlights of last week:

1. Last week our whole team came together to help get our building ready for our first experience in our new auditorium. We worked hard and it all came together for an amazing Sunday. We had 2400 people in attendance and 69 people made decisions for Christ. It was awesome and super exciting. God is sooooo good!

2. We also had a great block party at Epic last Wed, we were threatened by the rain but it held off and we had over 200 people show up. It was an awesome night, a little chilly but the students had a ton of fun. We also cooked the hot dogs in a smoker and they were amazing, if you never had a hot dog smoked you are missing out.

3. Josh Brown our director of operations is a beast, he has been working non stop as the contractor for our new building and has done an amazing job. I'm definitely challenged by his work ethic and positive attitude. Josh you are the man!

4. Jace is getting more teeth, he has 4 of his back teeth coming in.

5. My wife finally is getting her voice back and did a great job singing this past Sunday. She was born to lead worship.