Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epic Update

Here are a few things happening at Epic:

1. We are currently in a series called Glow. This series is about students being a light in their schools & communities. We talked about how light always shines in darkness, how God wants us to reach out to our neighbor, how the church exists to heal people & Christians exist to help bring people to Jesus. Check out the sermons on our Epic podcast on iTunes if you missed them.

2. We are currently selling epic t-shirts for our battle of community groups in September. Buy a shirt on Sunday or Wednesday to get big points for your group! T-shirts are $10.

3. Next Wed 8/25 & Sunday 8/29, I'm doing a message with a pretty sweet illustration & we are also having a special giveaway for every student that attends, bring some friends!!!

4. Next month we are doing a new series called Last Name: Ever, First Name: Greatest, where we look at who is the greatest ever of all time? Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mohammed Ali? Who do think deserves the title greatest ever?

For more details you can email me at

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why We Delegate and Investigate at Epic - Pt. 3

"Delegation without investigation is an abomination." Ed Young

In order for us to delegate and investigate at Epic, here is the third factor:

3. Everyone must be willing to lead and be led. All of us are leading or being led in some capacity. For those of us with leaders underneath us we must lead without hesitation. We do that by training, caring, praying, correcting, delegating, communicating and loving those underneath our leadership.

Those of us being led must submit without hesitation. We do this by being humble, teachable, flexible, ready to serve, respectful, communicating, a team player and loving.

When leaders are leading and following we are operating like a well oiled machine and again it allows us to give our students our very best!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why We Delegate and Investigate at Epic - Pt. 2

"Delegation without investigation is an abomination." Ed Young

In order for us to delegate and investigate at Epic, here is the second factor:

Communication is key, assuming is deadly. Haha that ryhmes, I promise if I wasn't a pastor I would be a rapper. JK, anyways. Everyone has to communicate with each other. The best way to make sure we are staying on point is by asking questions, dialoging and never assuming. When we assume we risk the chance something is not getting done or not being done correctly. Whenever we think about assuming we must go to the person that can give us the definitive answer to our assumption. Everyone must be on the same page and for this to happen we must communicate with each other. This also helps us give our students in OKC our very best!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why We Delegate and Investigate at Epic - Pt. 1

I want to share with you a few quotes I have on my office wall over the next few blogs and why they are important to what we are doing at Epic.

First quote: "Delegation without investigation is an abomination." Ed Young

At Epic we investigate everything to make sure it is being done correctly and with excellence. My Youth Associate and myself are doing this, we expect all of our team leaders to do this and expect those being led to embrace the investigation process. We have a huge vision to reach and disciple every student in OKC and this vision will be accomplished with us paying attention/investigating every detail.

With our ministry growing tons of stuff is delegated which means we need to be on point with our delegation and what is being accomplished.

In order for us to do this effectively a few things must happen, here is the first:

1. Everyone must have thick skin and be flexible.

If we are correcting or changing something it's not because we are trying to be difficult or jerks. We believe our students deserve the very best, they deserve an experience done with excellence and if nothing else in their life is excellent, Epic will be. Every bit of critique, correction, follow up must be received with an attitude of making Epic better for our students. So with that yes we expect everything to be done with excellence, we expect everyone to be on time and on point and we will investigate every detail because our students deserve nothing less then the best!

Stay tuned for more.